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You know your profession : we speak the same language

C-LINES - Powerful solutions resulting from absolute knowledge of the constraints of poultry and pig farming.

Performance and design: C proof!

C-LINES has shown on many occasions the advantages of choosing a 'C section' for designing prefabricated farm buildings:

Guaranteed strength and durability

Optimum weight/strength ratio

  • Structural calculation including all the parameters specific to each project (documents of proof provided)

Homogenous 100% galvanised steel structure (no timber)

  • Specifications for materials guaranteed all over the world
  • Increased anti-corrosion treatment for pig farming

Invisible structure inside the building

  • Optimisation of the building's upkeep and management (see below)
  • Adaptable, flexible design regardless of the project's size

Facilitated logistics and implementation

  • Reduction in the problems of accessibility and availability of site machinery (manual handling of elements)

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